The Servers Rank Rules!,

Hello, And welcome to SurvivalTimes offical buycraft page, here is where you can buy packages such as Admin, Moderator, and much more. If you have any problems please make sure that you contact someone on the server so they can tell a higher staff member. After you buy a rank you will get your package in-game within 5minutes.

After you have your rank you will Not get any refunds.
Do not share your special ability with your buddy's.
For players that have /repair do not repair other players that do not have this commands items !!! very important !
Do not give items out ( IMPORTANT )
Do not use fly / heal / god / lightning While

NEVER Abuse WorldEdit 
Do not Build For Other Players
Do not have weapons or tools with more then 3enchants,
We are not impressed of the ranked people that PVP but you can still do it, We just rather you didn't.
Do not ban players for pvping you or others, This will get you banned for up to a week.

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